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Have you been thinking hard for a special gift? Well, think no more. OILEES makes as fabulous gifts! If you’d like to gift OILEES to someone, just click this option in your checkout. Do feel free to add on a personal note for your gift.

While we love our products and produce them with care, we also understand that expectations are sometimes unmatched. Should you find yourself dissatisfied with your purchase, please email us within 14 days for a full “no-questions asked” refund.

We are made better through your feedback and we are eager to hear from you. Do share with us if you do not find what you are looking on our virtual shelf. A new product or scent could be just a new stock away.

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Hear from our users

I choose OILEES for its excellent quality, reasonable price, and wonderful customer service. I have been using the Sweet Dreams and Unwind and noticed that when i diffuse Sweet Dreams and Unwind, I am able to relax and get a better quality sleep. OILEES are now part of my night time routine and I will definitely recommend it. 

Cheng Shae Nee

OILEES Peppermint essential oil is a must buy especially if you are having sinusitis issues. It has been wonderful in aiding me when I have a blocked nose and helps me have wonderful sleep at night.

Zafi Zakaria

When I first heard of OILEES Essential Oils, I was interested for two reasons; one, because of the quality of the products & two, because it was reasonably priced. I bought myself a few bottles which were Lavender, Copaiba, and the blends of Sweet Dreams and Unwind. It was a pleasant luxury to relax and enjoy the benefits of these essential oils.

Pamela Hendroff

I'm a big fan of OILEES for their good quality products, reasonable prices and their sales support which is responsive and humble.

Melanie Chow

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