So here's where I share about how OILEES came to be as well as the people behind it all.

OILEES is a fully family owned setup. I love that the family is involved, but most of all – we like being able to share the benefits of essential oils, while being kind to your wallet. It all started when I began to realise the various benefits of essential oils from creating a calming ambience to combating flu and fever. Initially, James (my better half) had his reservations as there were just too many natural healthcare products in the market claiming to be the elixir of health and it wasn’t until I began to apply essential oils on him to treat things like muscle aches, blocked nose and even to prevent him from developing a full blown flu that he became a “believer”. There’s just something about the power of scent; its ability to disarm, and even completely transform the atmosphere.

Having searched the market within Malaysia as well as other markets that cater to this region, I found that most products either lacked in quality or made the enjoyment of essential oils an expensive affair. This led me on a quest to personally source for affordable essential oils of good quality that eventually led to OILEES. I bet you’re thinking, “Why OILEES?” Well, a creative friend of ours recommended the name and it just clicked right away!

You see, we’re the Lee’s… and what do we sell? Sorry, no prizes for guessing that right.

Do check us out, I have a feeling you’ll like what you find.