Patchouli, the Powerhouse


The rich, musky scent of Patchouli has long charmed the world – from its home lands in Asia to the traders in the Middle East and finally, in Europe, where it became a symbol of the exotic. In modern times, it was embraced by anti-establishment hippies and has since become associated with the bohemian. But this herby green bush is, quite simply, a very hardworking plant with a host of benefits.


No. 1 Create calm

When you need to relax or just quieten your mind, Patchouli is essential oil to reach for. Though a member of the mint family, it has a strong musky and earthy aroma that creates an atmosphere of calm and tranquility. The distinctive scent has an unusual ability to center the mind and soothe jangled nerves.

No. 2 Love your skin

Patchouli is a quiet skin care powerhouse! It is packed with antioxidants that nourishes the skin by improving circulation and oxygen delivery at the cellular level, and replenishing moisture content in the skin. It also has astringent properties that help skin stay more toned and lifted. Skin looks younger, healthier, and scars heal faster, too. 

No. 3 Go to bed

Tossing and turning late into the night? Try some Patchouli in the diffuser or as a pillow spray. Essential oils work differently for each person so if you find the regular sleep inducers like Lavender does not work for you, you might find relieve in Patchouli, which has sedative properties. It is also good to mix it up a bit with different scents in your sleep arsenal. 

No. 4 Drop it in your perfume

Perfumers love using Patchouli as a base note in perfumes and other scented products! You may find it an already familiar scent from your regular perfumes. As a fixative, it boosts the scent of lighter notes. If you want to customize a signature scent, be sure to include Patchouli to help add a richer body to it. 

No. 5 Manage pain, infections and inflammation

Did you know Patchouli is anti-inflammatory and anti-infectious? It can help soothe internal and external inflammation as well as infections. You can use it alongside your usual treatment for conditions like arthritis, joint pain, rashes sores, wounds, and fungal infections, among others. Massage onto affected areas or make a (bath or foot) soak to help soothe and heal the affected areas. 

No. 6 Fight bugs

Would you believe it, Patchouli actually is a bug repellant! Put some into a diffuser or a DIY bug spray or balm for an insect fighter that keeps pests at bay without any nasty stuff. Plus it also smells so much better than commercial repellants. It works against a host of pests like mosquitoes, ants, flies, and even the hard-to-spot like fleas, lice, and bed bugs!

No. 7 Sizzle up the bedroom

Patchouli has been used as a libido booster for hundreds of years. It works on both men and women, stimulating the production of testosterone and estrogen, which help get both partners in the mood for some love. As a calming scent, it also reduces sexual anxiety and frigidity.


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